Advice for Configuring Your Duo?

With the following group of items you can quickly choose the correct parts for your Duo using the drop down menus. By default, the tick boxes can't be 'unticked' as all parts are mandatory for putting together the Duo. You can of course purchase the parts separately but they won't have the special bundle pricing.

1) Left and Right Handles

The AirFlo Duo requires two handles to use it with two hands. The handles are in either left or right side and typically, you will need a pair of these to properly operate your AirFlo Duo.


2) Left and Right Suspension Modules

There's a left and right module so that you can use it in the dual handle (Duo) configuration. These should both be the chosen with the same strength spring from the pull downs.


3) Duo Gimbal Mount

The Duo gimbal mounts listed in the dropdown menu are compatible to use with the dual suspension modules. This is for use in the Duo two handed configuration. 


4) Just add the bundle to your cart and your all set. Just be aware that this bundle is discounted so if you remove any of the items in your cart then the discount will also be removed.


5) Finally, after adding the bundle to your cart look further down the page to the recommended accessories for the AirFlo as these are what customers have typically bought with their AirFlo's. And that's it! We'll get to work on your order and send you an email as soon as it's dispatched.