Configure your Glider Pro 3 Duo

The Glider Pro 3 Duo is a no compromise 4th axis stabilizer built from the ground up for Pro's to make your bumpy gimbal footage silky smooth!

As a stand alone handheld 4th axis stabilizer it's now the the new benchmark for others to aspire to and with the huge range of gimbal mounts, it fits almost all handheld gimbals such as the Ronin S, Moza Air 2, Zhiyun Crane 3, Feiyu AK series, Tilta G2X and the list goes on!

Modular Design

It's modular design means the Glider Pro 3 Duo can be re-fitted in seconds to turn it into the Glider Pro 3 Uno and with the ever growing range of optional adaptors you'll have more ways to use your rig than ever before. 

You can add-on mounts for cars, bikes, body mounts, boats mount, you name it, you can mount it with our customisable mounts! The handles have extra strong 1/4-20 attachment points in the tops for mounting a Ready Rig for those long all day shoots.


We improved on the best!

The design goal was to improve every aspect from the softest all the way to the craziest filming movements.

  • To start, we redesigned the fluid damping to go from zero damping to an even higher level of damping than the original for those extreme shots
  • We added more stainless steel bearings to make it glide even softer
  • We made it stronger to take those heavier gimbals (I’m looking at you Ronin S!)
  • We’ve refined the geometry to take you from firm suspension all the way to the softest and most iso-elastic suspension. Think of it like going from an off-roader to luxury car suspension.
  • There’s so many little things that add up to a much better experience such as attachment points for adding field monitors and other gear. Simply offsetting the handles so that the rig leans ever so slightly forward makes a big difference. This prevents rigs from wobbling forward and aft which can translate into unwanted vertical bouncing. 

The Glider Pro 3 takes a bit more time to master than the Pro 2 did but once you come up to speed you’ll be able to achieve footage that is at least 20% smoother that the Pro 2 model. Once you master it you can even achieve footage that looks like it’s shot on rails!



Gimbal Mounts

All adaptors can be inverted in seconds for an under-slung gimbal position.

Here's a list of the different size mounts and what gimbals they fit. Additional gimbal adaptors can be purchased separately.

Adaptor - suits circular handles sized:-  Gimbals
Small 24mm to 28mm  (15/16" - 1 1/8")  Feiyu MG V2
Medium 32mm to 36mm (1-1/4" - 1-7/16") Crane Plus, V2, V1, M, Moza Air and many more
Large 36mm to 42mm (1-3/8" - 1-5/8") Feiyu AK2000/AK4000, GoPro Karma 
X Large 42mm to 48mm (1-5/8" - 1 7/8") Crane 2, Ikan Pivot, Ikan DS2-A,  Axler WISP-20M
Non Circular Handle Gimbals
Moza Air 2
DJI Ronin S & DJI Ronin SC
Base Mount with single 1/4-20 screw - suits most handheld gimbals
Base Mount with single 3/8" screw
Tilta G2/G2X 
DJI Ronin M and MX - Needs SmallRig Ronin Adaptor Plate * see Note 1
Slotted Plate for custom mounts - 60mm x 120mm (2.5" x 5") 

Payload Springs

The Glider Pro 3 uses our own custom made springs made out of the finest spring steel (music wire) to give the smoothest range of motion.

The Glider Pro 3 Duo 4th axis stabilizer springs suit payloads from 700g to 9kg (1.5 to 20 pounds) with a iso-elastic range from 0.7kg to 6kg (1.5 to 13 pounds). For optimum performance we recommend using payloads between 1kg and 6kg (2 to 13 pounds).

The payload weight is worked out by adding all your equipment that is mounted to the centre of the stabilizer (camera, gimbal etc). If you mount say your field monitor and / or audio off the handles then that doesn't count towards the payload.

Note: If using just a single Glider Pro 3 Module all these figures are halved.

    A Compact  Powerhouse

    I think the huge plus for me is that I can take everything I need for a shoot; lights, audio recorder and field monitor and it all fits in a backpack so there’s no need for an assistant. But the real biggie is that you’ll be hard pressed to see the difference between footage shot on the new Glider Pro 3 rig and the footage shot on a system totalling many thousands.

    Some other important features;-

    • It’s built extra tough for the rigours of Pro use 
    • It allows you to use your gimbals mini tripod so you can rest your arms between takes
    • It’s adaptable with an ever growing eco-system of add ons for individualizing your rig
    • It’s been designed to be quiet so your audio won’t be ruined by the creaks and squeaks that those cheap Z stabilizers have.
    • And you don’t need a 10 pound padded shipping case to move it around. It all fits with heaps of room to spare in a backpack!
    • You can leave the tools at home with virtually tool-less adjustments in only seconds, not minutes
    • Pros can attach everything they need to your rig with multiple attachment points
    • A wide range of payloads
    • Dual independent adjustable fluid damping - from hard action to soft shots
    • Dual independent load adjusters to adapt to your rig
    • Adjust in seconds from high shot to upright to mid height to low (briefcase) mode with an under-slung gimbal
    • Get buttery smooth footage with ease
    • Built super tough from lightweight engineering polymers - Only 1.65kg (3.6 pounds)
    • Comes fully assembled 


    Quick-Start Guide for Glider Pro 3 Duo

    User Guide for Glider Pro 3 Duo


    What's in the Box?

    • Fully assembled Glider Pro 3 Stabilizer 
    • Socket and 3 x Allen keys for adjustments and spring changes
    • Detailed Instruction Manual


    1. The Ronin M and MX require you to have the SmallRig adaptor plate that can be found here at Amazon or at SmallRig.



    Weight - excluding extras 1.65kg (3.6 pounds)

    Operating Temperature Range

    -10C to 80C (14F-180F)
    Payloads (Camera, gimbal and any extras)
       Working payloads

    0.7 to 9kg (1.5 to 20 pounds)

       Recommended payloads

    1 to 6kg (2 to 13 pounds)